The Top Brand-Name Watches for Women

womans watches The Top Brand Name Watches for WomenThe best brands of watches for women from low-end store models that mimic the style of models of luxury watches Ladies “ultra luxury embellished with diamonds and mother of pearl. Watch for women has received little attention as a fashion accessory than men watches because the design details of small and modest. However, the size of the mark in recent years has grown to rival handmade watches for men, in some cases, creating a look more masculine for women .


• Switzerland Chopard has been identified primarily as a manufacturer of watches for women, especially the production of watches vintage clothing. It has recently expanded to produce more masculine-looking chronographs appear to be smaller versions of men’s watches. The characteristics of outdoor sports cheerful place in the line of sports watches, such as quartz chronograph, and the most elegant 18K gold models pink diamonds on the dial phone.


• Citizen remains one of the best brands for two reasons: its low cost and its ecological functioning. Pricing starts at under $ 100 and increased to $ 1,000, depending on model. Palidoro Ladies Eco-Drive with 21-mm case, no need for batteries because it is powered by direct sunlight, small solar panels integrated into the dial to turn sunlight into energy.


• Guess has become one of the best brands in recent years, thanks largely to its line of premium collection of conjecture. I guess ladies watches collection are typically made from stainless steel and white mother of pearl and diamond chips emphasis on the dial. Quartz watches are generally fed. diameters of cases have increased slightly compared to previous generations of women Guess watches, clocks and now measuring 30 mm to 33 mm.


• Tissot has intensified the marketing of its range of watches for women with racer Danica Patrick, spokesman for the watch. With the image, which competes with Patrick, Tissot has been the great — — at least the quartz watch with a feminine wrist PRC100 line 34.8 mm. The watch has a sapphire crystal, red sphere and a leather strap. Something less visible on the wrist of a fashionable woman is 28 mm stainless steel model T-Moments.


• The ultra-luxury Rolex has been at the top of the list of names brand watches over 80 years and shows no sign of abating. Rolex has avoided the recent trends in the production of large areas of watches for women and instead focuses on the manufacture and maintenance of a conservative style. Ladies’ Rolex Yachtmaster with a modest 29 mm line, platinum bezel, gray dial and automatic movement. The venerable ladies Datejust Watch has a white line even lower, only 26 mm.

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