How to Store a Mink Coat

Mink Coat How to Store a Mink CoatA mink coat is considered a necessity by some winter. Caro and exuberant, it must be maintained in good condition. Worn only in cold weather, a mink coat spends much time in storage. A mink coat is not properly stored, it loses its luster, and the skin may become stiff or dull. Proper storage requires attention to the specific needs of the skins. Here are some helpful tips.


1. Save your mink coat on a flat surface. A layer pushed against other clothing will not be able to breathe. The skin needs fresh air look. Do not cover her mink coat with a plastic bag of clothes. Place the mink coat in a garment bag made of fabric, which is not too comfortable. Alternatively, you can cover the layer with the paper. Hang your coat on a hanger width. A wire hanger will cause the layer to pull and distort. Also, select a wardrobe that is not too hot or dry. Make sure it is protected against household chemicals such as pesticides, cleaning fluids and spray. The chemicals penetrate the skin and damage the mink coat. Do not use mothballs. These also contain harmful chemicals that damage your mink coat.

2. Protect your mink coat of moths using orange leaves, snuff and geranium. If you keep your coat in storage for an extended period, you must change these about once every four months. cedar chests and cedar lined closets is very bad for your skin. The cedar absorbs moisture from the air. Mink and other furs that are kept in a moist enough to maintain a fresh appearance. Also, make sure the case is airtight. Take your skin every so often from the air.
3. Keep your mink coat in the best conditions. Lightly brush the dirt before placing in storage. Do not scrub or rub the skin. This could damage the layer. Stains should be treated immediately or wrap may be ruined forever. If you notice a stain, do not turn this vision into storage and leave him until next season. Take the coat to a professional cleaner – experience in the skin. Do not remove the spot yourself. If the destruction of the layer may be impossible to repair. And, although rarely wear her mink coat, take it out and cleaned at least once a year. Keep your vision in good condition is essential to maintain a smooth and beautiful.

Tips & Warnings
* Test to see if your skin is in good condition. Place one portion of the layer in the hand, then let go. In the event that immediately returns to its original form, is in good condition.
* Do not brush wet a mink coat. Wait until it dries. And do not dry the next layer by placing a heater. The heat is too high and dry.

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